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Food Testing in Kolkata is trending because of different Fast Food styles emerging across the city. Food hygiene and quality monitoring is extremely important for everyone – from individuals to food manufacturers.

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Food Testing in Kolkata is important because Customer’s health is first priority to every Food Business. Food quality in each stage of processing should be monitored, from raw material to consumable products. Food Testing ensures health safety to Consumers and Good Will to Food Brand.

These are four parameters of Food Testing & Analysis through which you can assure quality of your Food.

Food Testing in Kolkata

Food Testing helps in knowing the nutrition content of the Food and checking adulteration. Food analysis helps formulate ways to improve food quality.

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Nutritional Labeling in Kolkata

Food labeling is the way to communicate food quality to consumers. There are regulations posed by FSSAI on labeling process to ensure best quality served to your customers.

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Sensory Evaluation in Kolkata

In Sensory Evaluation your Food Product will be tested for factors such as taste, smell, look, after-effects, feel. If sensory parameters are analyzed and presented accordingly, it makes your product acceptable in first sight.

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Shelf Life Testing in Kolkata

Shelf Life testing states the expiry date of your product. To make your Food live long life, Shelf life analysis is necessary. This helps you to preserve your product quality for longer time span.

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For a Food Business, keeping your food safe will help in improving other factors of your food business, too. High standards of testing are maintained at our laboratories to ensure accurate results and analysis. Get Testing & Analysis done to make the food product healthier.


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